In order to ensure your safety and ours, we would like to inform you  of the food safety procedures that we have implemented in the preparation of your meals.

        • All employees are wearing gloves and masks during service and are maintaining the safe social distancing from guests and employees.
        • Gloves are frequently changed in order to maintain cleanliness.
        • All surfaces that have been touched will be sanitized immediately.
        • All surfaces that have not been touched will be sanitized and disinfected every hour.
        • All incoming deliveries are being sanitized before entering our premises.


        • All outdoor dining will be on a first come first serve basis. We will not be taking any reservations for the time being.
        • If there is any sign of inclement weather there will be no available seating.
        • Masks or face coverings are REQUIRED while entering the building at any time.
        • We encourage all guests to wear masks or face coverings at all times except when eating or drinking.
        • All parties must be complete in order to be seated.
        • All seats from each party are placed 6’ apart from each other.
        • We encourage any guests who do not feel well or have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, to reschedule your visit with us.
        • Parties larger than 2, please have 1 guest check in while the rest of the party waits in your vehicles.
        • If your table is not ready yet, please wait in your vehicles and you will be called once the table is ready.
        • Guests who need to use any indoor facilities, please enter 1 at a time, follow signs and markers, and maintain proper social distancing.

          In order to minimize interactions with our guests, we encourage over the phone payments for orders (For deliveries only, we are not accepting cash payments at this time).

        • Our menu is displayed outside our restaurant and disposable menus are available inside.
        • Our menu is also available on the following platforms: | Instagram | Facebook | Uber Eats | Google


          For CARRY OUT orders please call 516-837-7788 or place your order on Uber Eats for PICK UP.

        • Only 1 guest at a time is allowed inside the restaurant.
        • Gloves and masks are required to be worn when entering.
        • When your order is ready it will be at the entrance and assigned by “Ticket Number”.
        • Feel free to request curbside assistance by calling the restaurant upon arrival.
        • All handles, tables, and credit card terminals will be immediately sanitized after each use.


          For DELIVERY please call 516-837-7788 or place your order on Uber Eats for DELIVERY.

        • All deliveries will be NO CONTACT.
        • Our employees only will be utilized on the Uber Eats platform.
        • If you live in an apartment building your order will be left at the front desk.
        • If you live in apartment without a lobby/front desk you must meet our driver outside.
        • Our drivers will be wearing a mask, and will change gloves between orders.